Unpopular Opinion: Stop Selling.

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

One mistake advertisers and marketers tend to make is thinking that as much information as possible needs to be delivered in their messaging, but in reality, it’s not quite true.

The content that leaves the strongest impact on people doesn’t explain why your product is so much better than any other product on the market, it makes them feel something.

If you want brand loyalty and die-hard fans, stop trying to talk consumers into buying your product. Stop bombarding them with sales-y social messaging and email blasts every 3 days. Aim to form a connection with them or evoke some sort of emotion, and brand success will closely follow.

For example, check out Sunrise Shack. Sure, their food is probably great, but a huge factor in their success lays outside of their recipes. It’s in their brand messaging. When you look at Sunrise Shack’s Instagram, you don’t just see açaí bowls and wraps, you see island life, sunshine, and happiness. Looking at their feed transports us to Hawaii and evokes a care-free, happy feeling. They’re not just selling smoothies, they’re selling the island life.

Another company that does this extremely well is Apple. Apple’s 2017 commercial “Dear Apple” took real stories from people who reached out and shared how their Apple Watch helped them live healthier lives. The commercial evokes emotion while also subtly showcasing the watches features.

Not only does good marketing evoke a certain emotion, it’s also entertaining and authentic. So the next time you’re working on your ads, or your social copy, don’t just list off what makes your product great. Remember, it’s not just delicious food that has amassed Sunrise Shack over 90K followers, and it’s not just good technology that has made the iPhone the chosen cell phone of almost half of Americans.

In a world where the average American sees around 4,000 ads a day, people are sick of being sold to. Make them feel something, and the success will follow.

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