Can Brands Actually Do Social Media Well?

Some of my favorite brands on social media are the brainchild of influencers. Do you have to be an influencer to have a successful brand? No, of course not. But influencers have 3 things that lots of business owners and social media managers do not: an authentic voice, the ability to capture people’s attention, and an understanding of how to build a genuine connection with their audience.

Let’s start with one of my favorite brands, Chamberlain Coffee.

Chamberlain Coffee was started by Emma Chamberlain, the “It Girl” of the internet - if I do say so myself.

Their branding is consistent and their photography is fantastic, but what I like about this brand is beyond nice pictures and a good posting schedule. It’s the brand voice. Chamberlain Coffee’s brand voice matches Emma’s to a degree. It’s casual, trendy, and funny. They know their brand and their audience, they’re not afraid to use a cuss word or a TikTok reference, because they know their audience will just get it. They don’t try to sell you on the product all day long, they create an experience that makes you want to start your day with Chamberlain Coffee.

No offense (full offense) but who wants to follow an Instagram account that tries to sell to you all day? We see enough ads as it is. So cut that shit out.

If people are intrigued by your product, don’t worry, they’ll do the research and learn why you’re the best.

But people don’t buy Chamberlain Coffee because it’s the most delicious, the cheapest, or the most accessible, they buy it because it’s a VIBE. They’re fun to follow on social media and people enjoy the content. They’re funny and engaging, that’s why they get thousands of likes per post. They don’t try *overly* hard to educate (of course, educating people over social media isn’t necessarily bad, but no one wants to feel like they’re back in Algebra 4 when they’re on Instagram)

It’s never a bad idea to take a page out of the ole Chamberlain Coffee book, just keep it casual, after all, it’s just social media.

Now let’s talk about Lonely Ghost.

Started by Indy Blue, Lonely Ghost emulates cool. It reminds me of that girl you know who never tries too hard but always seems to look good? We love her, we want to be her. (She’s probably Indy Blue)

Lonely Ghosts feed is just *chefs kiss*, it’s almost hard to grasp what makes it look so good because it feels effortless. In a perfectly curated, casual way. It just… works.

I think that’s what makes their social media presence so good. They feel so effortless.

But if you take a closer look, you can see there are clear intentions behind their posts. Take a scroll through their feed and you can see they flow through subtle color cycles. If they recently launched a green hoodie, you can see their more “filler” photos (when I say filler photo, I just mean a photo that doesn’t feature their product) highlight and match that color. It’s something that might just slip your consciousness when you see it. You scroll through and think “Ah there’s just a little je ne said quoi about them”. When in reality, anything done that well probably has someone with a good eye and a better brain behind it.

Neon green moment

Orange moment

Pastel green moment

Let’s not forget, social media is supposed to be fun. Do your own thing and don’t take it too seriously. Use it to create and connect, and the rest will follow. Remember, being a brand doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

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