Stephanie Brint

Quick, curious, friendly, and known to break out into song, Stephanie Brint is a storyteller through and through. Every day, she creates a new story to explore and daydream about, leading her to see the world from a new perspective and think of new possibilities. From deep thoughts about TV shows to the character development in musicals, she is fascinated by the way stories can be told and can apply them to yours. 


A strategic artist, Stephanie is a futuristic thinker, looking down the road to see what might need to be addressed later on the brand journey. She asks a lot of questions and loves to explore rabbit holes that might lead to a new perspective, and we love that about her. 


When not working on La Femme Co. Creative projects, Stephanie is an Account Manager at an advertising agency in Orlando, FL and loves to get lost in books, conversations with new friends, and explore new cities.

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Work Experience 

Account Manager 

Think Integrated (2020-current)  

Multimedia Production Intern 

Visit Orlando (Spring 2020)

Second Assistant

Chris Morgan Productions (Sept. 2018-Sept. 2019)

Development Intern 

Propagate Content (Summer 2018)


- Copywriting 

- Copy Editing 

- Storytelling 

- Brand Development

- Pre-production and Planning 

- Video Production 

- Communications Strategy

- Social Media Strategy

Q&A w/ Stephanie

Where are you from?

"Longwood, Florida"

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself! 

1. "One of my dreams is to write a YA/NA Fantasy book series."

2. "My favorite food by far is ice cream. Ice cream makes me happier than most things and my day/health/life can always be turned around if ice cream is involved."

3. "I love [mostly] to run and want to run a marathon!"

What are you most looking forward to about working with LFCC?

"I’m most looking forward to getting to work with the creative minds of this team and grow in my skill as a writer and storyteller. I'm so excited to help share the stories of businesses looking to make an impact in the world."