Katie Lyerly

If the word “fearless” had a human form, it would be Katie Lyerly. A bonafide adventurer, Katie is the person you want with you when running through a train station in a foreign country trying to catch your ride. Not only can she regale you with stories of her life experiences, she’s a bad bitch when it comes to communication strategies with a passion for social media. Katie’s expertise in communicating across boundaries, both digital and cultural, is an asset she applies to all projects she works on. 


When not working on La Femme Co. Creative projects, Katie works as a marketing account manager for a firm in Jacksonville, FL and creates awesome healthy girl content on TikTok as @HappyHealthyKatie.   

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Work Experience 


TikTok @HappyHealthyKatie (Jan. 2021 - current)  

Freelance Account Manager

Meerkat Media Group  (June 2021 - current)  

Marketing Intern

aha Pure Foods (Feb. 2020 - Jan. 2021)

Marketing Intern

Skinny Dog Brands (Feb. 2020 - Jan. 2021)


- Video Production 

- Content Marketing 

- Product Marketing 

- Brand Management 

- Social Media Content Creation

Q&A w/ Katie

Where are you from?

"Jacksonville, Florida"

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself! 

1. "I love cooking, biking, and watching true crime while I do a paint by numbers [I'm not that ambitious with art but I think its fun]!"

2. "I love reading and I'm a part of a book club."

3. "I'm about to join a volleyball club, even though I've never played volleyball in my life! A lot of my work involves my phone or computer so I love anything that helps me disconnect!"

What are you most looking forward to about working with LFCC?

"I am most looking forward to collaborating with business owners who are excited about their brand. You can really create something amazing when you have a team of passionate, creative, and driven people behind your project. I’m eager to collaborate with people who share that same vision, and see what we can achieve together."